The Zenith Excellence Program® process begins with a 360° multi-rater and a self-scored behavioral assessment, followed by an initial 2-day boot camp style workshop that covers the following topics:

Introduction to Leadership

The basic skills necessary to manage your team to ensure great results and full engagement. Participants will gain insight on how to quickly adopt required new skills and shift their behaviors from that of an individual contributor to a leader.

Communication Essentials:

The importance and best methods of LEAD: Listening, Empathizing, Asking questions and handling Difficult conversations, and how these communication skills lead to a manager’s success. This interactive module will allow participants to learn and practice these skills utilizing role-playing techniques. The module emphasizes quick skill adoption techniques and content focuses on the most essential leadership communication attributes for emerging leaders.

Building Relationships & Engagement

Utilizing proven Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concepts, this module will instruct and equip participants in the most effective ways to build positive relationships and develop their team. The module leverages “Situational Leadership” and Servant/Steward Leadership concepts that will mold their employees into a highly successful team.

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