Choosing a Performex® Comprehensive Development Program

In addition to world-class executive coaching and leadership workshop series, Performex® offers comprehensive development programs for technical managers from the emerging leader phase to senior executives.

  • Developed For
  • Length
  • Includes
  • Structure

SummitExcellence Program

  • Summit Excellence Program
  • Technical Managers/Directors
    Leading Teams of Individual Contributors
    Project Managers
  • 12 Months
  • 3-Day Immersion Workshop
    360 Assessments
    Ongoing Professional Coaching
    Award Winning Content
    Case Study
  • 3-Day Workshops Held in Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX and Orange County, CA
    2nd Workshop 6 Months Later
    12 Months 1:1 Executive Coaching
    *In-house Summit Program Also Offered*

ZenithExcellence Program

  • Zenith Excellence Program
  • Emerging Technical Leaders
  • 6 Months
  • 2-Day Immersion Workshop
    360 Assessments
    Ongoing Professional Coaching
    Award Winning Content
  • Customized In-House Program
    Workshop + Ongoing 1:1 Executive Coaching

Customized Development ProgramsTailored to Your Organization's Unique Challenges

  • Custom Development Programs
  • Innovation-Driven Companies Seeking Solution for Engaging and Inspiring Their Teams
  • Flexible
  • Custom program designed by Performex® Instructional Design Specialists to address your organization's unique leadership development & talent management challenges
  • High impact, high value programs optimizing your team's time

Leadership Workshop Series

Our highly acclaimed collection of short duration / high impact workshops created especially for managers and emerging leaders of technical and professional functions. Programs range from “Leading a Remote and Diverse Team” to “Coaching and Mentoring Others to Maximum Potential.”

Zenith Excellence Program

Our 6-month leadership development program for emerging leaders in technical and professional organizations. The program combines immersion – boot camp style workshops, behavioral assessments, managerial support and award winning content to prepare emerging leaders for critical leadership roles.

Summit Excellence Program

Our flagship 12-month leadership development program for managers of technical and professional functions. The program combines immersion – boot camp style workshops, behavioral assessments, professional coaching and award winning content to transform even exceptional managers to greater leaders.

Customized Training Content

For 35 years we have been the unchallenged expert at developing technical specialists and professionals into outstanding leaders. When it comes to programs that work for that gifted but challenging group, nobody does it better. Our Instructional Design staff offers – from scratch – customized programs to meet your unique challenges. We leverage our expertise to produce high impact programs that are cost effective and respect the valuable time of your employees. For more information contact our Instructional Design Staff (Kristi Tjo) at

Performex Executive Coaching

The highly competitive and complex business world that managers face today requires a blend of technical expertise and leadership excellence. Performex specializes in developing the “expert” into a superior and confident leader by using coaching processes that resonate with the expert’s need for process and clarity. Performex has the unique ability to partner a seasoned ex-executive and experienced coach with your employee. There is simply no substitute for the enhanced self-confidence and expertise that comes from working with a senior executive in a completely confidential situation. Whether it is an embedded coaching engagement through one of our workshops, or a stand-alone block of coaching engagements, Performex has the solution for your organization.

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