For nearly 40 years, our leadership development programs have equipped managers and teams for success. While our flagship Summit Leadership Excellence Program (formerly PEP Program) have achieved consistent and outstanding results, often organizations seek more targeted solutions.  That’s when the program development capabilities of Performex® kick in. Our program design team can work with you to develop programs to address your top needs and challenges. Several of our recent custom program offerings include:

Team building and collaboration

A newly formed team of IT resources was facing some challenging projects. The IT leader and HR business partner realized that the new team quickly needed to build trusting and collaborative relationships to reach their goals. They also wanted to integrate the company’s recently launched strategic leadership qualities and values into the program. In only a few weeks, Performex® designed and executed a custom interactive program using the company’s strategic leadership qualities, Performex® custom content, and behavioral assessments to help the participants grow their self-awareness and understand their teammates’ styles and preferences.

Strategic Direction

A fast growing privately owned service company was at a cross-roads. The company’s business and talent strategy was no longer relevant given the fast pace of growth and customer service demands. Performex® led the senior leadership team through a strategy development and deployment process to create a new 5 year business and talent strategy to meet the current and future needs of the company.

Building a culture of coaching

A construction company had a strategic initiative to build a “culture of coaching.” To achieve this they wisely decided to start at the top and build the coaching capabilities of the senior leaders. Performex® provided a custom designed two-day coaching session using a custom designed 180 feedback survey and the Performex® coaching process and tools.

Our custom, on-site program offerings include but are not limited to:

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