Why Coaching?

In today's business environment, an organization’s success depends heavily on their manager's coaching skills. The ability to develop employees not only yields better business results, but it also addresses ALL of the top workplace issues highlighted in our 2023 State of the Workplace research.

Top Workforce Issues

Coaching Increases Employee Effectiveness, Engagement and Experience

Effective coaches intrinsically have strong listening skills and empathy plus they skillfully ask questions that intrigue and engage employees. They see everyday challenges as opportunities to teach others vs. just telling them what to do. They understand that delegation isn’t just giving away work, it’s also an important tool to stretch and challenge employees – something that has become an expectation from employees.

Today, companies will thrive by… “moving away from traditional command-and-control practices and toward something very different: a model in which managers give support and guidance rather than instructions…” Herminia Ibarra and Anne Scoular, Harvard Business Review – Nov-Dec 2019

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DEI & Coaching Synergy

Most often, organizations deploy DEI and coaching training for managers separately. However, combining the two efforts creates a synergistic result. Coaching is often focused on changing the behaviors of employees and managers, which is a big part of creating a DEI culture. In addition, having a robust coaching process effectively applied by all managers will create a talent and leadership pipeline – a must for attracting, engaging and underrepresented employees.

Coaching Promotes and Preserves Culture

The implementation of more remote work has created flexibility which is highly valued  (if not expected) by employees. The result is likely having a negative impact on the culture of organizations. In a 2021 study conducted by Price Waterhouse Cooper, only 5% of the US executives responded that a culture could be sustained in a totally remote workplace. The fact is fewer personal interactions between team members is sure to have a negative impact on culture.

Remote Wk Survey
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Strong and consistent managerial coaching plays a huge role in creating and maintaining a culture - especially when organizational values and behavioral expectations are in place. As mentioned above, coaching most often involves behaviors. Behaviors create experiences; experiences create beliefs; and beliefs drive cultural norms. If a company isn't creating a culture through coaching, a culture will evolve naturally and it may NOT the one that's desired!

Why Performex® Coaching?

There are many managerial coaching programs, so what makes Performex® the best choice? While coaching is essential, it is also one of the more challenging skills to master. Our GRO2W Coaching System™ is designed with features to provide the tools for adoption and success:

  • A simple easy-to-use, neuroscience-based process for creating Individual Development Plans.
  • Proven success for 45 years! This same technique is used in our Summit Leadership Excellence  Development Program.
  • Competency-based sample questions for planning coaching conversations.
  • Instruction and Coach the Coach support from former executives who lead team and coached countless employees and Performex clients.
  • Performex® Coaching Hotline Support for on-demand support.
  • Guaranteed results.

and... It Works!


The Performex GRO²W Programs

GRO2W – Silver Program

8 hour of Workshop Instruction:

  • Feedback vs. Coaching
  • Providing Effective Feedback
  • GRO²W Process questions
  • Skill / Will / Hill analysis
  • Skills / Knowledge / Behavior Matrix
  • Performance / Development flowchart
  • Practice coaching scenarios
  • Planning & practice for a team member
  • Creating a personal GRO²W plan 

Tools & Materials:

  • Performex GRO2W Coaching Article
  • Coaching skills self-assessment
  • Skill/Knowledge/Behavior Plan Tool
  • GRO2W Development Plan Template
  • Journal & Sticker

Post Workshop Support:

  • Monthly email touchpoint for 6 months



GRO2W – Gold Program

16 hour of Workshop Instruction:

GRO²W – Silver package plus 8-hour Advanced GRO2W coaching workshop:

  • Strategies for self-awareness /  denial
  • Improved development plans
  • Creating more impactful action steps
  • Overcoming coaching challenges
  • Competency-specific coaching skills

Tools & Materials:

GRO²W – Silver package plus:

  • Creating a Culture of Coaching
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Coaching a Better Way forward actions
  • Competency-specific coaching tools

Post Workshop Support:

  • Monthly email touchpoint for 6 months
  • 6 months limited PFX Hotline support (60 min per month)
GRO2W – Platinum Program

16 hour of Workshop Instruction:

GRO²W – Gold package plus:

  • GRO2W Portal introduction and training
  • Training on its use
  • Techniques for unique competencies.

Tools & Materials:

GRO²W – Gold package plus:

  • 6 months access to GRO²W portal
    • Full library of coaching articles
    • Custom conversation creation
    • Competency Assessments
    • Competency learning tools

Post Workshop Support:

  • Monthly email touchpoint for 6 months
  • Unlimited PFX Hotline support (60 min per month)
  • 4 One hour "Coach the Coach" sessions with a Performex® Master Coach
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