Managerial Courage: Why is it Essential to Every Organization and How to Ensure Your Team Has It

Managerial courage involves more than the ability to make difficult decisions. It also involves holding others accountable, handling uncomfortable situations confidently, and knowing when to take risks.

While individual personality plays a large role in one's comfort level in handling conflict and his/her tendency to tolerate risk, the correct development plan can lead even the most challenged managers to improve skills in these key areas.

The Performex Managerial Courage Program

With a focus on positive communication skills, difficult situations and risk assessment, this 8-hour program develops managers' ability to drive success.

Key program content includes:

  1. Why managerial courage is indispensable to personal and team success
  2. Steps to dealing with conflict in a positive way
  3. Accountability model for yourself and for others
  4. Mastering delegation skills
  5. The role of confidence and how to develop it

Are you interested in an on-site Managerial Courage workshop for your team? Contact us today to build your leaders' skills and confidence in this challenging area.

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