Meeting Management Skills: Stop the Time-Wasters - Plan & Execute Excellent Meetings

A leader's meeting management skills are major predictors of his/her success and effectiveness as a manager. One of the most common complaints we receive from the individuals we coach and develop includes frustration with seemingly unnecessary, overly lengthy and disorganized meetings.

Too many managers and organizations suffer from attending and facilitating inefficient and time-consuming meetings, despite the fact that most managers have a fairly decent concept of how to run great ones. By following some basic rules and maintaining self-discipline, managers can transform meetings into powerful tools that lead to team success.

Performex offers a Meeting Management Skills development workshop, through which we equip participants with tools and techniques to run outstanding meetings. Key program content includes:

  1. Basic facilitation skills and tactics to engage all members of the team during the meeting
  2. Performex process outlining steps to run an effective and efficient meeting
  3. How to handle the nay-sayers during a meeting
  4. Accountability tools to ensure action items are established and tasks completed
  5. Time-effective follow-up techniques

Participants in this program gain team buy-in and drive results by losing the time-wasting approach and running outstanding meetings.

Are you interested in developing the meeting management skills of your leadership team? Contact us today to discuss an on-site Performex workshop.

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