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1.I find it hard to accept any standard short of perfection. Errors my staff make deeply distress me. *
2.My intense fear of failure or letting others down causes me to avoid risky situations. *
3.I am fortunate to have a great deal of functional expertise, and therefore I often get personally involved to improve or do the work of my direct reports. *
4.I am a highly organized person and I like details, systems, and extensive planning. *
5.I know I am monotone and reserved. I dislike cheerleaders and people that let their emotions get out of control. *
6.I am outgoing, friendly, and socially confident. It’s easy and enjoyable to be with others. *
7.When I am challenged or see a dispute on the horizon, I vigorously defend myself and my point of view rather than withdraw from the situation. *
8.I am laid back. Sometimes my easy-going and relaxed personality gets me in trouble with meeting deadlines. *
9.I use a no-nonsense communication style; I am to the point and skilled at getting my opinion heard and countering the point of view of others. *
10.I am usually the first person in the room to grasp a concept or find a solution. *
11.I avoid developing emotional connections with my staff. This allows me to be objective and analytical. *
12.I feel compelled to get involved in the work of my team so I can make sure they do things correctly and do it my way. *
13.I am a big picture person who enjoys creating a concept or new ideas versus getting bogged down in details and execution. I leave figuring out how to do it to others. *
14.I have been told I lack “leadership presence” and that I need to become a more inspiring leader. *
15.I’m like everyone; I sometimes miss deadlines. Frequently my team’s results don’t match my expectations or those of others. *
16.I’m very competitive – I find it hard to collaborate with others less capable than me. *
17.I prefer delivering a lot of work rather than shooting for perfection. I dislike having to double-check my work; instead, I’d rather move on to some other challenging issue. *
18.I am willing to do things that involve considerable risk to achieve ambitious business and career goals. *
19.I am a generalist. Members of my staff are the experts. I excel at managing and being a leader rather than being the authority within my function. *
20.I love to multitask. My desk is cluttered and full of reports and papers. When it comes to daily work schedule and priorities, I tend to “fly by the seat of my pants.” *
21.My energy level is contagious; people feed off me. I provide the energy for my team members to persevere and have passion. *
22.I prefer to work alone; I avoid crowds and one-on-one interactions. *
23.I avoid conflict whenever possible and feel best when I have security and peace of mind. *
24.I have an intense “get it done” attitude. I love crossing things off the list and the sense of accomplishment I get for completing tasks. *
25.I love talking to people about their outside interest, family, etc. Sometimes I get off track and lose sense of time. *
26.I am impatient when other people don’t see the answer as quickly as I do. I hate wasting time while allowing them to come up to speed. *
27.I have the ability to understand why others have strong feelings and can almost experience their joy, fear, sadness, happiness, etc. *
28.I allow my staff to have a great freedom to do their work on their own. I don’t have a strong need to get involved to influence and control their work. *
29.I take an unemotional view of situations which allows me see issues logically and factually. *
30.I have an unassuming communication style. When I am in front of a large group of people, I often find it difficult to confidently share my thinking and opinions. *
31.I find it challenging to confront poor results; some members of my staff frequently let me down. *
32.I love winning and hate losing. I see my peers as competitors for the next promotion or juicy assignment. *

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