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1.I am the best at what I do (the expert) and only I can do certain tasks well enough to meet our / my standards *
2.I have gotten to where I am by being fully engaged all the time. When I am not giving it my all and busy all the time, I feel guilty! *
3.Confidentially, delegating more scares me because there will be times when I feel out of control. When I don’t know exactly what’s going on, or what the issues are, I get stressed. *
4.I don’t want my staff to work the long hours I do. I feel guilty when I ask them to work hard, and it negatively impacts their home life. *
5.It’s faster and more efficient for me to do the work by myself. *
6.I’m a secret procrastinator; it works for me. As I approach a deadline I buckle down, concentrate, and work hard to get the job done. Doing so energizes me and makes me feel good. *
7.When I delegate, I let my team members determine “how” the assignment will be accomplished. *
8.I lack confidence in my staff’s abilities to do complex and difficult tasks, so instead, I do it myself. *
9.I use an excellent process for prioritizing and delegating work and decisions. *
10.I like being the Go-to person by solving problems and being deeply involved with the work done on my team. *

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