Performex Leadership Excellence Programme Logo: Autopilot
The Critical 1st Step for Leadership Excellence: AutoPilot™ Awareness & Management

The Autopilot™ is a collection of good and bad “default” behaviors each of us display without awareness. Our Autopilot™ drives our reflexive reactions to given situations or people. Excellent leaders exhibit optimum emotions, words, and actions in ALL situations. Therefore, Autopilot™ awareness and management is a critical component of every Performex® leadership program. We refer to this process as “Name it, Claim it, and then Tame it.”

Name It

Autopilot™ is a critical part of every Performex Leadership Program. Through a series of assessments and self-reflection exercises every participant identifies their Autopilot and gives it a catchy name. The name serves as a mnemonic device to help the participant grow awareness and manage their Autopilot™.

Claim It

Performex facilitators and coaches work with each participant to ensure they identify and accept their Autopilot™ as a critical barrier to achieving Leadership Excellence. Stress is an Autopilot™ catalyst, so participants identify their sources of stress and develop strategies to manage them.  Participants understand this is a critical path to STRETCHING beyond their current leadership capability.

Tame It

Taming the Autopilot™ is replacing ineffective leadership behaviors with more appropriate or ideal behaviors. Each Leadership Development Plan our participants create includes strategies to develop “real-time” self awareness and management. We help them along the way with touchpoints and tools such as mnemonic devices, spacing,  self reflection, and accountability.

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