Are the wrong priorities occupying your team’s time? Do you fear people waste their time working on the wrong things or not working efficiently? Do you have members of your staff that don’t expertly manage their time? Finding TimeTM Time Management is a one-day workshop that produces real improvements in execution, productivity, and job satisfaction.

Efficient time management is the key to getting the most out of your employees' and team leaders’ efforts and allowing them to balance their home lives with work. Unfortunately traditional time management courses do not produce much improvement. Why?

  • They are not relevant to the realities of today's environment
  • Traditional courses teach techniques but don’t succeed in driving the behavioral changes needed for true improvement
  • Making a static list of things to accomplish doesn’t reflect the reality of constant communications and changing priorities
  • Prioritizing tasks without reallocation of effort and focus misses the point
  • Energy management, procrastination, and inadequate concentration are not addressed much less resolved
  • Participants don’t learn to effectively address urgent but less important request and tasks

Program Outcomes:
Finding Time, Performex’s experiential time management workshop, creates new improved behaviors that help your employees thrive while facing changing priorities in real time. The eight hour workshop includes:

  • Increased Self Awareness - Each participant will complete  a self-assessment of current behaviors versus those associated with good time management techniques
  • Best practices - for prioritizing, developing concentration, eliminating time wasters, optimizing workflow, meeting management, and delegation
  • Behavioral Change Process - step by step approach for integrating best practices into sustainable new and improved behaviors
  • Practice - A Simulation of time allocation while experiencing new requests and changing priorities allows each participant to apply the best practices
  • Individual Time Management Development Plans - are created by each participant to incorporate best practices and set the stage for improved behaviors after the workshop
  • Optional post workshop learning enhancements - Webinars, lunch and learns and one-on-one or group coaching by Performex’s skilled former executives and consultants

Who Should Attend: Finding TimeTM  is the solution for any leader or individual contributor who juggles multiple changing priorities.

Finding TimeTM is offered periodically as an open enrollment program in Atlanta or can be conducted as an in-house program at your office or facility.

Contact us to discuss increasing your manager's time management skills.

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