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Questions Regarding 360 Survey

What is the 360-degree feedback?

Performex gathers feedback in five key management skill areas in order to individualize your program to fit your specific needs. We survey your supervising manager, peers, direct reports, and others who interact with you during your workday. This information is then compiled into a feedback report and analyzed by your workshop facilitator to make your program the most meaningful to you.

What is a “Survey Invitation”?

Once you have registered for a workshop and we have gathered the list of survey contributors then Performex survey administrator will send you an email invitation specfic to each individual taking the survey. You will have unlimited access to the survey until you complete the process by clicking “Submit to Performex.” Keep this invitation email and the link included in the email private, because that will be the only way to ensure your feedback will be confidential.

What kind of information do you collect in the survey?

The survey asks respondents to evaluate your management performance numerically (from 1-5) in several key management skill groups: communicating, planning, reviewing, coaching, and leading. Then we ask the respondent for written comments on your strengths and challenges in each of these same management skill areas.

How do you ensure my anonymity when filling out the survey?

The participant and supervising manager comments are identified and labeled in the feedback report. All others, i.e. peers, direct reports, associates and others are grouped by relationship classification. We take the extra step to shuffle the responses and comments throughout the report to further preserve the respondent’s identity. Be aware of phraseology and examples that may inadvertently reveal your identity.

What if I am the spouse or partner and some of these questions do not apply?

The spouse of any participant is asked to respond to the survey from the perspective of how the participant fills the role of a family manager at home. Please select “n/a” – not applicable in areas that do not apply.

What if I do not know how to answer some of the questions or they are not relevant to my relationship with the participant?

Please select “n/a” – not applicable. Also remember to answer “3” or average as little as possible.

What if I have some thoughts that do not fit into the questionnaire format?

Please compile these remarks on a document and send as an e-mail attachment to registrar@performex.com. Be sure to include your access code. The anonymous comments will be added verbatim to the Feedback Report in a section entitled “Additional Comments.”

If I have missed the cut-off date can I still submit my response?

Please contact your internal coordinator or our Performex program registrar if you need an extension on your cut-off date. You can reach our registrar by e-mail at registrar@performex.com or by phone at (949) 759-1928.

I know there is something preventing me from getting my next promotion, but I don’t know what it is. Will this help?

Through the feedback process and the ability to see how you are perceived in the workplace, you will be able to set a clear direction for career development.

Summit 3-Day Workshop

In 360-degree feedback, what is meant by numerical and written comments?

The 360-degree feedback report is compiled through the use of a survey which asks for numerical ratings (1-5) as well as written comments in key management skill areas: communicating, planning, coaching, reviewing, and leading.

What makes this a 12 month program?

We begin both of our Performex Excellence ProgramsTM with 360-degree feedback and a self-administered diagnostic instrument. This data and feedback allows Performex to tailor the three-day Summit and four-day Pinnacle initial workshops to meet individual needs of your participating employees. Our ongoing follow-up after the workshop is extensive. It begins with a summary report meeting between the participant, his or her team leader, and the assigned PerformexTMcoach. During this meeting, typically held 4 – 7 weeks after the workshop, there is a review of the participant’s takeaways from the workshop, trends in the feedback data, and the 2 personal developmental plans that are created in the initial workshop. The outputs of this meeting include refined and agreed upon personal developmental plans which will be implemented during the next 11 months. During the implementation period there are 4 coaching sessions, a second workshop, and topic specific webinars. These components of the program offer ongoing support from our expert coaches and ensure maximum management effectiveness back on the job. The program concludes with an annual 360 resurvey and the accompanying final debriefing consultation to track success and compare results for further development.

What is Leadership Development 3.0?

Learning 3.0 has arrived; providing high-impact, real-time, technology-enhanced learning; ensuring that the right person accesses the right content at the right time in the right state of mind to do their work more effectively — right now.

Designed with the latest Learning 3.0 approaches, Performex programs provide a powerful boost to your leadership development efforts and ensures participants deep engagement in the executive learning process. Our core content is iPad-enabled, social-media enhanced and filled with in-the-moment videos to reinforce key concepts and bringing our curriculum to life so that it makes a lasting impression and helps build the best corporate leaders faster. We call this: Leadership Development 3.0.

How do I begin?

Just go to “Contact Us” on this website and fill in your name and information so we can contact you or give us a call at (949) 759-1928 or email info@performex.com for more information on reserving your space at our next workshop date.

How much of what I say gets back to my company?

Only the participant and Performex see the feedback report. What is discussed in the workshop is held in strictest confidence. We create a safe environment where you can maximize your strengths and find solutions to your challenge areas. You and your Performex consultant will then discuss the insights you gained and the goals you set for yourself during the workshop with your supervising manager to encourage coaching throughout the program.

How long does the survey take to complete?

Most respondents report that time spent answering the survey questions is 20-40 minutes, depending upon the length of written comments.

Can I pick out which workshop date I want?

Yes, of course. The 3-day workshops are held with a maximum of 12 participants from different companies and are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

What if my plane leaves at 4:00 on the final day? Can I leave early?

The final 2-3 hours are very important to everyone at the workshop. We ask that you make flight arrangements after 5:00 p.m. We do promise to wrap up at 4:00 p.m. on the final workshop day.

I live in the area, can’t I just drive in each day?

The workshop is designed to keep you fully focused. It is an intense 3 days with significant group interaction with other attendees. All meals are taken together as a group. Staying at the hotel is an integral part of the program and is highly recommended. Exceptions should be discussed with your Performex consultant.

Where do you hold workshops?

Atlanta, Georgia – The City Club of Buckhead
Irvine, California – Webster University

What is the proper attire for the workshop?

The attire is Business Casual.

What should I bring to the workshop?

Please bring your laptop computer.

1-Day Follow-Up Workshop

Is it the same group from the original workshop?

Yes and more. The second workshop is comprised of participants from 2-3 workshops and others who are attending as a make-up session. You will see most of the participants from your 3-day workshop and gain new insights from those others who have attended other sessions.

How much of what I say gets back to my company?

The second workshop is a group interactive experience and does not include any reporting back to your supervising manager or company. This is left up to you.

Are 2nd Workshop hotel and meal fees included in the registration fee?

Your hotel charges for this one-day workshop are payable directly to the hotel upon check-out. All meals during your stay will be charged to your room account. Lunch during the workshop is a working lunch.

If I am unable to attend my scheduled 2nd Workshop, can I make up the session at a later date?

Yes. Contact your Performex Consultant. We have many options available.

Do I have to attend each step in the program in sequence?

The program is designed for maximum efficiency. However, the order in which you participate in follow-up components is flexible.

Can I pick out which workshop date I want?

You will be scheduled for the one-day workshop when you begin the program. However, if you are unable to attend your scheduled one-day workshop you may attend the next one as a make-up session.

I live in the area, can I drive in for the 2nd workshop?

Yes. The one-day workshop begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 4:30 p.m. If you live locally you may wish to drive in for the day. Breakfast and lunch during the workshop are considered working meals and are included with your registration fee. We also have reserved a small block of rooms for those who choose to come in the night before.

Terms and Conditions

What is your cancellation policy?

Before a program begins, Performex incurs substantial administrative cost related to each participant that registers. In addition we must have sufficient participants to ensure effective dynamic workshops. Therefore the following fees apply:

More than 30 Days Before Program Start Date:
Participant Substitution Allowed: Yes (No Fee)
Transfer Fee: N/A
Cancellation Fee: 25% of Program Fee

15 – 30 Days Before Program Start Date:
Participant Substitution Allowed: Yes ($1,000 Fee)
Transfer Fee: 35% of Program Fee
Cancellation Fee: 50% of Program Fee

Less Than 15 Days Before Program Start Date:
Participant Substitution Allowed: No
Transfer Fee: 65% of Program Fee
Cancellation Fee: 100% of Program Fee

Transfers: Transfer requests must indicate the new date and/or new program the participant wishes to attend. 100% of the full tuition is non-refundable if:

The participant does not attend another program within one year of the original program start date.
The participant transfers more than two (2) times

Refunds: Any remaining balance of a cancelled program’s payment can be applied to another Performex program within one year of the original program date. After one year, the balance is non-refundable.

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