Performex® was formed in 1978 as a partnership between Doug Fletcher and two of his colleagues. The company’s office was located in Newport Beach, CA near the aerospace, entertainment and computer industry. Soon afterwards, Doug assumed sole ownership of the company and he, along with his wife Mary Fletcher, managed the businesses from 1978-2011. As an exceptionally gifted manager himself, Doug saw the significant difficulty many engineers had with giving up the technical work, effectively delegating, and communicating with others as they became managers. Doug focused the company on solving this problem. Through extensive research and his own experience managing others, he and his staff created the Performance Excellence Program (PEP). The new program was revolutionary as it utilized a 360 multi-rater and other behavioral assessments to provide feedback to participants on how others saw them vs. how they saw themselves. The program’s intellectually vigorous but practical approach provided deep insights and awareness to the participants.

As a strong proponent of continuous improvement, Doug’s staff measured each participant’s on the job progress and business results to refine the 12-month program and make it even more impactful. The combination of methods the team developed and perfected provided unprecedented improvement in the leadership and managerial skills of the engineers that attended the program. Doug soon found that finance and HR specialists, lawyers, small business owners, and IT and other professionals all benefited from the program’s methodology. In a very short time period the company became well known in Southern California and by a few progressive national firms as the leader in highly innovative and impactful leadership development programs.

In 1991, while employed at Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Eric J. Bruce attended PEP and was immediately impressed with the skills he developed while in the program as well as the positive compliments he received back on the job about his improved communication and listening skills. As Eric’s career progressed and he moved onto other companies and positions of increasing responsibility, he continued to send his top talent to Performex to attend the PEP.

In early 2011, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals acquired King Pharmaceuticals, the company Eric helped manage. Searching for something to do that would bring great meaning to his 2nd career, Eric reconnected with Doug Fletcher and acquired Performex®.

Eric immediately invested in upgrading the company’s technology, program content and graphics while maintaining the best and most proven developmental techniques. He hired a top Instructional Design firm to freshen the PEP’s look and approach. The revised PEP became the Summit Excellence Program. The launch of the new program took place in 2012. Armed with the new content along with its already great reputation, the company became the recognized leader at practical applications of EQ, the Neuroscience of Leadership, and high impact personal coaching.

In 2013 Eric decided to take the company global and relocated the company’s headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia while maintaining a regional office in Newport Beach.

During Eric’s ownership of the business, the company has stayed true its roots. Eric and his team continue to be thought leaders while making sure they develop, research and utilize the most impactful methods to provide real growth and behavioral change to the professionals that attend Performex® programs. While the Summit Excellence Program remains the core Performex® offering for leadership development, the company’s ability to develop customized leadership programs led to the birth of new solutions for clients’ needs such as the Zenith Emerging Leader program for new leaders and focused one-day workshops that develop key leadership skills such as Coaching, Communication, Influencing, Virtual Team Management, and others. These programs grew primarily from the close relationships Performex® has developed with several key clients over the past few years.

The company’s first and most important rule is a “we will not hire anyone whose primary motivation is not to help others grow and succeed. This has been and continues to be our most important source of competitive advantage.”

Performex, LLC is a leadership and consulting company located in Atlanta, GA that has been in existence since 1978. The company’s development programs are specially tailored to meet the unique and sometimes difficult job of transforming professionals into accomplished leaders who provide exceptional business results.

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