Managing for Accountability Program

Accountability drives better business results by fostering individuals and teams who consistently surpass their goals.  Managers who attend the 8 hour Managing for AccountabilitProgram will master techniques to ensure their employees overcome setbacks, find creative solutions, and achieve on-time stretch objectives.

This 8 hour workshop is designed to help managers at all levels deliver improved business results such as:

  • Greater profits
  • Higher productivity
  • Better execution of Objectives & Key Results
  • Faster product development times
  • Sense of being on a winning team that improves employee morale and engagement

Program Objective: Develop managers’ capability to hold their teams accountable for meeting or exceeding  key business objectives.

Program Approach:

  • Self-Assessment Tools to identify challenge areas and developmental needs
  • Building an accountability framework
  • GROW method for accountability simulations
  • Accountability workbook, article, and post workshop assignments
  • Action planning to improve accountability

Managing for Accountability is offered periodically as an open enrollment program in Atlanta or can be conducted as an in-house program at your office or facility.

Contact us to discuss increasing your manager's accountability skills.

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