Virtual Team Leadership: Leading a Remote & Diverse Team to Success

In today’s technologically advanced environment, many managers are faced with leading a team of workers that are from diverse geographic areas and cultures. Successful virtual team leadership takes a unique approach that is often not necessary when a team is co-located.

Increasing numbers of organizations are moving in the direction of employing or contracting with remote team members. Unfortunately, the majority of companies do not provide the support and development needed for their managers to build the unique skill set required for successfully managing a virtual team.

At Performex, we partner with client organizations to equip their managers for success as virtual team leaders. Our Virtual Team Leadership Program covers key strategies for enhancing engagement and driving results in virtual teams. Managers will receive leadership tools designed to gain full engagement from virtual teams quickly and effectively.

Through interactive group exercises and leading educational content, the program’s key learning objectives include:

  • The importance of building connections with remote employees and tools to assist in this process
  • The impact of “High and Low Context Cultural Communication Styles” on communication and consensus building
  • Strategies for keeping remote employees aligned with the team’s focus.
  • How to conduct meetings that “span the globe”
  • Holding remote employees accountable without micromanaging them
  • The best communication techniques to utilize when interacting with remote employees

Are you interested in developing your managers’ virtual team leadership skills? Contact us today to discuss an on-site workshop for your team.

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