Autopilot Awareness and Management

The Autopilot™ is a collection of good and bad “default” behaviors each of us display without awareness. Our Autopilot™ drives our reflexive reactions to given situations or people. Excellent leaders […]

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It’s Our Atlanta-versary!

April 22, 2021 So, What’s an Atlanta-versary? How Performex CEO, Eric “Ric” Bruce, accidentally broke into the world of Learning and Development   The year is 1991. Ric Bruce steps off […]

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Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

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Our Commitment

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Why leadership development programs fail

Very few organizations do a great job helping newly minted managers learn the critical knowledge and master the essential skills and behaviors necessary for excellence. Some companies have and do […]

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Frontline manager development – their skills matter

When it comes to leadership training and development, frontline managers are often ignored by the organization. An impactful frontline leadership program can bring about noticeable improvements in your business results. […]

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The Boost in Business Results… and other reasons to invest in a leadership training course for your organization

In today’s business world where new challenges arise all the time, you need leaders who can respond to every kind of problem or threat with the right skills, expertise, and […]

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How to Make Immersion Leadership Workshops an Effective Tool in Your Organization’s Development Effort

A recent survey by a business management firm, Gap International, reveals that more than 82 percent of the executives surveyed believed that maximizing talent and empowering employees to succeed is […]

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Emotional Intelligence Quiz – What’s Your EQ?

Although many people assume that leadership issues stem from a lack of skills, the majority of challenges result from poor behaviors.  Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EI) is the ability to monitor our […]

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