COACHING SKILLS FOR MANAGERS: Leading Others to Maximum Potential

Executives understand that having an outstanding team is essential to success. Furthermore, in today’s war for talent, the competition for landing top professionals is fierce. GenX and Millennials expect their managers to be accomplished coaches actively involved in their development.

Having great internal coaches to develop employees is not only cost-effective, but it also an indispensable companion to any leadership and managerial development program. Performex leverages proprietary methodologies and advanced coaching techniques to develop even the most challenged managers into successful workplace coaches. Our Coaching Skills for Managers program covers the following areas:

Workplace Coaching Program - Key Content:

Performex Coaching Process to Build Coaching Skills for Managers

Performex Coaching Process

Participants in the Performex Workplace Coaching Program will learn:

  1. Everyone needs a coach – gaining buy-in so that employees view coaching as an essential benefit of being a part of your organization
  2. The 6-Step Performex Coaching Process – proven to develop skills and change behavior permanently for the better
  3. Handling difficult conversations – using real-world scenarios and role-playing to build skills through practice
  4. The role of visionary and aspirational goals in achieving lasting change and ensuring successful coaching engagements
  5. How to drive accountability for actions and follow a written development plan
  6. Advanced questioning techniques to ensure you ask the right questions so your employees achieve real growth by finding solutions themselves
  7. How to guide the employee to a well-developed and workable comprehensive set of actions to achieve mastery for a specific skill set

Workplace Coaching Program Outcomes:

This 8-hour workshop will equip your team with the tools necessary to successfully coach even the most difficult employees. Participants will receive reference materials and gain hands-on practice with the proven 6-step Performex Coaching Process. Participants will practice advanced questioning techniques and storytelling, both of which are essential skills to positive coaching outcomes. Following the workshop, each participant gains access to a one-hour consultation with a Performex Executive Coach to hone coaching skills and/or address specific coaching needs of their assigned managers to coach or mentor.

Do your managers coach their team members to maximum potential? Contact us to discuss a Workplace Coaching workshop for your organization.

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