The Zenith New Manager Development Program™ equips new managers to successfully lead their team and deliver exceptional results. Many organizations promote exceptional individual contributors to managers based on their past results but do not provide adequate managerial training. The Zenith program fills this gap beginning with a 3-day boot camp workshop with the following modules:

Growing Self Awareness –   A 360° multi-rater survey and behavioral assessment help managers understand their strengths and challenges. This awareness is critical for addressing challenge areas and developing new positive habits.

Introduction to Leadership – Participants gain insights to quickly adopt the new skills and behaviors required to transition from individual contributor to leader. These skills are necessary to ensure full engagement of the team and deliver great results .

Communication Essentials – The LEAD model is introduced: Listening, Empathizing, Asking questions and handling Difficult conversations. Participants learn how and why these skills lead to a manager’s success by practicing in role-playing activities. The module emphasizes quick skill adoption and focuses on the most essential communication attributes for leaders.

Building Relationships & Engagement – This module will equip managers to build positive relationships and develop their team utilizing proven Emotional Intelligence concepts. The module leverages “Situational Leadership” and Steward Leadership concepts that mold employees into a highly successful team.

After the boot camp, each manager creates a development plan and works with a coach over 6-9 months. The coach acts as a trusted adviser and helps make the plan a reality by stretching the manager’s thought process and skill level.

If you want to provide the tools and ongoing support to ensure your new managers deliver excellent results, contact us today!

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