Transforming Professionals into Successful Managers

Zenith is focused on the skills and behaviors emerging leaders need most. Participants increase their ability to motivate, boost the morale, and increase the productivity of their team. Participants leave the workshop engaged, energized, and ready to lead their employees with tact and confidence.

  • Program Length: Eight months with one or two immersion “Boot Camp” workshops that deliver a substantial improvement in behavior change and skill attainment.
  • Self-Awareness: Performex’s unique approach promotes rapid insights and acceptance of stakeholder feedback, followed by a committed determination to improve. High-impact behavioral assessments along with a proprietary 360° or 180° multi-rater help participants understand their strengths, challenge areas, and ultimately how their style impacts others.
  • Touchpoints to Sustain Growth: Webinars, targeted readings, and insightful assessments make positive changes stick.
  • Embedded Coaching: Coaching builds on the workshop experience to speed the transition from individual contributor to accomplished manager. Clients can select to have all, some, or none of their participants receive executive coaching.
  • Techniques: Facilitator-led instruction, individual exercises, role-playing, videotaping, case study, and storytelling by former executives are just some of the ways we help you succeed.
  • Two Options for Delivery:
    • In-house: Conducted on-site at your facility or selected venue. Available globally.
    • Virtually: Conducted online, so you can lead wherever you are.
  • Applicants: Individual contributors or managers of exempt and/or exempt employees, mainly from technical functions. Participants are typically 6 months from a managerial or project manager role or 2 to 4 years into their first managerial position.
  • Customizable Content: Performex’s approach to customization gives clients access to our extensive catalog of content modules that meet a wide range of leadership challenges at a very attractive price. Each of the modules leverages our award-winning behavioral change methodology to help the participant let go of the individual contributor or expert behaviors and adopt the methods of superior leader/manager.
  • Core Program Benefits: By attending, participants will:
    • Skillfully handle difficult conversations – Zenith incorporates the best methodology for conducting thorny conversations necessary for managerial success.
    • Lead with courage – Learn how to develop the resolution and confidence to tackle the most pressing problems. Apply emotional intelligence (EQ) and neuroscience concepts essential for leading others.
    • Be a servant/steward leader – Master the techniques to garner greater employee engagement.
    • Manage for accountability – Receive instruction on how to hold teams accountable for peak results.
    • Develop staff – Learn the best methods for coaching, delegation, and providing feedback.
    • Communicate effectively – Develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills to provide clear direction and information, ensure ideas are understood, and convey empathy so team objectives are met.
    • Obtain superior business results – Discover and use the techniques that create commitment, engagement, and flawless execution.

If you want to provide the tools and ongoing support to ensure your new managers deliver excellent results, contact us today!

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