Benefits of Performex® Executive Coaching

Expert to Leader – The highly competitive and complex business world that managers face today requires a blend of technical expertise and leadership excellence. Performex® specializes in developing the “expert” into a results oriented and confident leader by using our proprietary coaching processes proven to resonate with the expert’s need for process, clarity, and expertise.

Retention – for over 35 years we’ve heard from our client companies that the Performex® workshops and executive coaching not only build their future leadership pipelines, but also allow our clients to retain top talent. Being allowed to attend our programs demonstrates to the participants that their company values them and is actively investing in their future.

Real growth plus confidence – Performex® coaching is unique. We partner a seasoned ex-executive and experienced coach with your employee. There is simply no substitute for the enhanced self-confidence and expertise that comes from working with a senior executive in a completely confidential situation and gaining from their insights and real world solutions.

Results now – Your Performex® coach is experienced in providing urgently needed results. They are trained in and have personally implemented improvement processes that help your employee quickly get on top of even the most pressing business challenges.

Top performance at an economic price point – At Performex®, we understand the value of the dollar and the cost considerations that go into a decision to use an executive coach. In addition to our very competitive rates, we offer a money back guarantee to deliver superior coaching services. We also provide the option of monthly billing with no up-front charge and minimal long term commitment.

Performex® Executive Coaching Mission and Vision

We will provide excellent executive coaching to our participants and client companies by utilizing former senior executives and state of the art coaching processes to promote significant on-the-job performance improvements. We will accomplish this by:

• Offering a coaching methodology that combines the best of Socratic coaching methods, proven processes from today’s top thought leaders and pragmatic, real world insights from highly effective senior executives.

• Providing executive coaching services which consistently deliver excellent on the job performance. We tailor our approach to meet the individual needs of each participant.

• Demonstrating that our proven methods not only drive great results but also become the role model for the manager’s development of his or her staff. Many of our coaching clients go on to become excellent mentors within their organizations.

Program Coaching

Summit & Pinnacle Embedded Coaching
Our 12 month Summit and Pinnacle Excellence Programs™ have embedded coaching to support the participants and the coaches as they implement each participant’s two improvement areas identified in the Summit and Pinnacle 360° assessment process. Our seasoned coaches have “been there and done that” – each was an accomplished executive prior to joining the Performex team. The embedded coaching ensures that the personal development plans are followed and executed and that positive performance gains are seen on the job. As the year progresses, our coaches expose the participant to new and more challenging materials via our Performex dedicated coaching portal. The portal gives participants 24/7 access to our proprietary content as well as that of today’s other top thought leaders.

Ascender Extended Coaching
Our Ascender Extended Coaching supports the participants who would benefit from a deeper exploration of Excellence Program topics. Our coaches are skilled not only in the Socratic Method found in most coaching programs, but also in advising the participant based upon real world experience and our state of the art improvement process. Ascender Extended Coaching materials are organized by competency and key skill area. Additional self-assessments are provided to help the coach gain more clarity on the specific improvements to be made. Many of our most successful Excellence Program clients take advantage of the Ascender Extended Coaching program to further refine their leadership skill mastery and to prepare themselves for future opportunities.

Apexx Executive Coaching
Apexx Executive Coaching is offered to drive the results of managers and leaders for selected topics such as: change management, communication skills, conflict resolution, delegation, influencing skills, meeting management, presentation skills, managing managers and their development, senior leadership skills, teambuilding, and time management. Our expert coaches tailor the coaching engagement to meet the needs of each individual. Apexx Executive Coaching is the perfect solution when a Senior Leader needs help and a 12-month Excellence Program is not a viable option.

Performex® Coaching Methodologies

Our methodologies set us apart from the competition.

Experienced executives as coaches – Our coaches are seasoned executives that were successful in the business world developing talent and delivering excellent results. Many honed their skills during acquisitions in the integration phase as well as managing turnarounds. They all share a common commitment to the participant’s growth as a leader and as a person. Many of our coaches choose to coach because it appeals to their strong desire to give back. The coaching participant profits and takes great comfort knowing the person coaching them has “been there and done that” and in many cases was faced with the same situation or skill development need earlier in their career.

Pragmatic and Expert Advice– Our coaches are experts at solving the most difficult managerial leadership problems along with developing “experts” into outstanding leaders. Furthermore, we leverage the latest advances in the “neuroscience of leadership and emotional intelligence” to lock in the learnings and produce the greatest possible results. All Performex® coaches have access to a robust support network and can reach out to our staff and to other coaches so that your customized approach leverages our entire organization’s wealth of managerial and leadership knowledge.

Executive Coaching FAQs

Who Should Hire an Executive Coach?

Executive coaches can bring you closer to your personal and professional goals. Executive coaches are for anyone who wants to bring out the best in themselves and those around them.

Benefits of Executive Coaching?

Build on your existing skills and abilities to enhance team performance, build trust and develop a specific coaching style.

How to Set Goals for Executive Coaching

Identify the behaviors you want to change or achieve and build SMART goals around them. Your coach will take you on this journey.

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