As innovation-driven organizations continue to outsource more of their IT functions, a new set of management challenges has arisen. Often, organizations outsource their IT services without providing the necessary vendor management training to ensure success.

IT outsourcing partnerships allow for cost-effective access to top talent and expertise. However, in working with numerous innovation-driven organizations, we have found that the majority are facing challenges due to lack of alignment with their IT vendor teams. In order to develop alignment and support this critical relationships, Performex developed a Vendor Alignment and Management Program.

The program includes 2-day workshops for both the business team and the vendor team, and program objectives include:

  • Identify qualitative metrics to ensure that expectations are aligned
  • Outline a cadence for highly efficient meetings and results reporting
  • Preempt potential issues due to poor communication, delegation and unmet expectations
  • Build a collaborative relationship with the mutually agreed upon goals of delivering exceptional results while operating as a single, united team

Business Team Skill Development

  • Cross Cultural Communication
  • Building Relationships & Influencing
  • Virtual Team Management

IT Vendor Team Skill Development

  • Strategic Selling
  • Influencing
  • Cross Cultural Communication
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