A methodology that delivers real results.

Not just the first step, but every step of the way.

The Summit Leadership Excellence Program is built especially for innovation-driven companies seeking to transform their technical managers into collaborative, strategic leaders. Quickly and more effectively than other programs, we can help you build a robust team of confident, conscientious leaders who can inspire and engage.

We understand the nuances of specialists. They see the world in a unique way – their own way – so there is no “one size fits all” approach to coaching them. We are able to achieve a high level of success because our process-oriented approach is adaptable to your current management programs and can be tailored to the individual needs of each participant.

The Summit program begins with a powerful 360-degree assessment – giving participants the necessary feedback and insight needed to take full advantage of their strengths and to see their challenges as opportunities for growth. A 12-month program is then created for each participant, designed around their unique skills, abilities and needs.

  • 12-month process
  • 3-day immersion workshop
  • 1-day influencing workshop
  • 360 degree multi-rater assessment
  • Ongoing certified Performex coaching
  • 14 check-ins for ongoing learning
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“Amazing program… I’ve been looking for this type of program for a decade. The ongoing coaching, year-long time frame, company commitment and tenure of the coaches make this a unique and valuable program.”

– Client HR Manager

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