Transforming High-Potential into High Performance

Performex’s flagship development program is designed for high-potential managers and managers of critical technical functions. This program accelerates attendee’s preparedness for future roles and critical assignments with additional responsibility, complexity, and scope.

Summit participants discover the unique elements of their leadership styles from Performex assessments and learn to motivate, develop, and delegate accordingly to eliminate barriers to high-performance.

  • Program Length: Summit is a twelve month program with two high-impact immersion “Boot Camp” workshops that provide best-in-class tools for developing exceptional leadership behaviors.
  • Self-Awareness: High-impact behavioral assessments and a proprietary 360 degree multi-rater survey create insight into the participant’s likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges, reactions to conflict, affinity for control, relationships, and group interaction needs.
  • Touchpoints to Sustain Growth: We use interactive touchpoints such as webinars, proprietary readings, coaching, mnemonic devices, and other interactions to make positive changes stick.
  • Embedded Coaching: Summit includes four sessions between the assigned coach and the participant, plus 2 sessions with the participant’s manager, the coach, and the participant.
  • Two Options for Delivery:
    • Open-Enrollment Sessions – Offered quarterly in Atlanta, GA. (see our schedule)
    • In-house – Conducted on-site at your facility or selected venue.
  • Applicants: Middle to upper-level managers and project managers. Participants typically have at least 6 months of managerial experience.
  • Core Program Benefits:
    • Develop self-awareness – Performex’s unique approach promotes rapid insights, acceptance of stakeholder feedback, followed by a committed determination to improve. The assessments create a deep understanding of the participant’s attitudes, behaviors, and needs, and how those traits impact others.
    • Be more strategic – Participants will be enabled to facilitate the creation of a vision and a strategic plan that outlines where their unit should go in the future. The content includes the keys to thinking strategically and balancing long-term and short-term objectives.
    • Upgrade their team’s performance and abilities – Summit will enable learning the best coaching and feedback techniques for impacting how people think, teaching them to ask the right questions, improving behavior, and developing complex skills.
    • Acquire advanced communication skills – Summit will help each participant hone his or her communication skills, so he or she creates commitment, fosters collaboration, and defines excellent performance.
    • Delegate for development and efficiency – Summit teaches the pathway to assigning tasks, decisions, and authority to reach the goals of the organization. This content includes an optimal delegation process as well as techniques to overcome resistance to delegation.
    • Lead to empower and engage – Learn the emotional connections, communications skills, and role modeling leaders use to build trust and generate discretionary effort. Personal branding and leadership presence content accelerates a shift to a more impactful leadership style.
    • Run productive meetings – Participants learn how to conduct highly effective and efficient meetings. We place emphasis on reviewing results; thus, objectives are met, and problems are resolved.

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