Performex leverages real-world leadership experience for maximum impact within our coaching and development programs. Each of our team members bring extensive business experience, a proven track record for results and for developing their team members.

Eric Bruce
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bruce has a strong leadership background, having served in Senior Leadership positions in the utility, automotive, consumer products, medical device and human and animal pharmaceuticals industries.

Throughout his career, Eric’s strong talent has been as a “turn-around specialist”, which has given him a unique perspective on the typical challenges facing organizations needing a transformation or rapid improvement in bottom line results. He has solid firsthand knowledge of which Talent Management/Development programs work, which don’t, and how to successfully apply best practices in various industries despite their widely varying product lines. He has been recognized as a highly effective coach to the teams reporting to him, with measurable results to productivity and the bottom line.

Most recently, Eric was the President of Alpharma Animal Health, a wholly owned subsidiary of King Pharmaceuticals. Mr. Bruce was also King’s Chief Technical Operations Officer from June 2005 until February 2009. King was purchased by Pfizer early in 2011.

Prior to King, Mr. Bruce was Vice President of Operations for Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals. In this role he managed the company’s nine global manufacturing plants and the supply chain functions.

A Performex client for many years, Eric has always believed in the powerful behavioral change that the company brings. He credits much of his success to his participation in Performex programs and is excited to share his learnings with others. In recent years, he purchased controlling interest in the company earlier this year and now serves as Chief Executive Officer.

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John Bruce
Chief Operating Officer

John is Co-owner and COO of Performex whose mission is to accelerate our client's business results by measurably improving the performance of their people and organizations.

As a Mechanical Engineer, John experienced firsthand the journey from technical professional to real leader. Throughout his career at Hitachi and Kimberly-Clark, John developed an appreciation of coaching for his own development and helping others. From the early years developing production employees, to recruiting and coaching engineers in corporate headquarters, to transforming the culture of his manufacturing facilities as plant manager, John was involved in leadership and organizational development at every level.

In 2014, John joined Performex as Chief Operating Officer, following his passion for helping others become great leaders. As COO, John runs the day-day operations for Performex with a key focus on developing solutions to accelerate results for our clients. He also enjoys applying his own real-world experience while coaching participants and facilitating Performex® programs.

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Lizanne Gottung

As Chief Human Resource Officer and Senior Vice President of Kimberly-Clark Corporation from 2002 to 2016, Liz led the transformational People Strategy for K-C's Enterprise Global Business Plan. Liz now serves on several non-profit and for profit board of directors.

Liz provides guidance, consulting facilitation and coaching for Performex programs and services.

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Kristi Tjo
Vice President of Account Management

Kristi has been involved in adult learning her entire career from the early days as an international English teacher to the executive L&D positions she held in the banking industry. Kristi has a strong background in instructional design and has created and executed countless development programs.

Kristi is a long-term member of the Performex team and has held many roles. As VP of Account Management, Kristi works with clients to develop unique and impactful solutions to meet their business objectives.

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Karen Brunner
Director of Client Services

Karen's background is in electrical engineering, project management, and event planning. Karen manages all of the Performex development programs from participant orientation to execution of the workshops and the many steps in between. Her organizational skills and positive energy encourages and supports all participant to become the best leaders that they can be.

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Kate Bellanca
Instructional Design

Kate Bellanca has dedicated her career to working directly with professionals to assist them in affecting change in learning and behaviors. Bellanca began her career in the professional development of K-12 educators, the development and distribution of state-wide practical Graduate Level Courses, and Professional Development Models for school reform. Then moving to the corporate world, Kate is known for quickly grasping organizational structures and needs to create optimal learning and development solutions for today’s workforce.

Her passion is the full success of every individual she works with.

John Cecilia
Executive Coach, Program Facilitator and Consultant

John is a proven leader with a diverse background in education, supply-chain management, human resources, and international management. Starting his career as a teacher, John made the transition to Business & Industry and spent 27 years with Kimberly-Clark Corporation and worked in four different business units and geographical locations. The majority of John’s career was spent in the Health Care sector where he was responsible for manufacturing and support functions in four countries. During this period John led several manufacturing integrations of acquired companies which supported the rapid growth of the

Health Care sector and allowed for the opportunity to utilize existing footprints for the manufacture of higher value goods. In 2009, John transitioned to management consulting, and in 2016, joined the Performex team. John enjoys supporting organizations in successful, strategic growth and looks forward to leveraging his expertise to equip critical technical managers for success.

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Nancy Alm
Program Facilitator and Executive Coach

Nancy Alm joined the Performex team in 2013 as Executive Coach and Program Facilitator, coaching over 100 leaders from diverse industries. Prior to joining Performex, Nancy gained extensive experience leading IT organizations and functions; she understands firsthand the need for strong technical managers and the impact these critical leaders have upon a team. With a love for developing leaders and a unique blend of Human Resources and Business Development leadership experience, Nancy is a true asset to Performex and our client organizations.


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Ray Feagins
Executive Coach, Program Facilitator and Consultant

As Talent Management Consultant, Coach, & Facilitator, Ray supports Performex clients’ leadership and organizational initiatives. Bringing 25 years of experiencing developing leaders and organizations, Ray provides individual executive coaching, leads leadership workshops, and also provides strategic talent management consulting to organizations & functions.

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Grover Hardin
Executive Coach, Program Facilitator and Consultant

With over 30 years of combined military and corporate experience, Grover has a proven history as a corporate operations executive with a passion for helping leaders and organizations accelerate their growth and exceed business objectives. Throughout his career he has propelled diverse, multi-site teams together to align and engage with a common vision and mission to produce excellent results. Grover ardently believes people are the greatest asset to all organizations and developing their capability is critical to ensure sustainable success. Grover earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Business from the University of Mississippi His also a US Army veteran where he served honorably as a logistics officer. After his military career, Grover successfully lead numerous operations teams with several Fortune 500 companies over a span of 25+ years. In 2020 Grover began consulting and coaching on the Performex Team. He has served on several non-profit board of directors and is currently a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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Clay Hood
Executive Coach

Clay is a former senior executive for Kimberly-Clark Corporation with extensive international experience. A key member of the strategic leadership team for the consumer products sector, Clay led the North Atlantic Supply Chain, comprising 22 manufacturing sites in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. As Corporate Officer, Clay forged strategic partnerships with key equipment and material suppliers. He drove manufacturing excellence initiatives and identified and implemented critical supply chain footprint consolidations. Clay’s leadership and direction drove important cost reductions and business unit performance improvements. Since joining the Performex® team in 2011, Clay has brought immense value to client organizations. As Facilitator and Coach, Clay enjoys providing leveraging his business expertise to enhance individuals’ careers and business results through executive coaching, leadership development, and strategic direction

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Laurie Ann Stetzer
Executive Coach and Program Facilitator

With over twenty-five years of business experience, Laurie Ann’s career has included roles in outside sales, human resource management, executive training, consulting and organizational development. Her areas of expertise include leadership and executive development, coaching, team development, behavioral interviewing and executive presentation skills. Laurie Ann served as the Director of Training and Development and the Director of Executive Resources for an Atlanta-based staffing company as well as Director

of Professional Development for Kurt Salmon, a global retail strategy consulting firm. As a seasoned facilitator, Laurie Ann has worked with a range of professionals including individual contributors, managers, directors, vice presidents, and CEOs. Laurie Ann has engaged with multiple industries including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, manufacturing, staffing, and management consulting services. She is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Retailing from the Martin J. Whitman School of Management.

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