Technical professionals have learned to work and think in a certain way to be successful. While this independent way of thinking is key, it does not always align with competent management skills. Because of this, too few specialists successfully make the transition from individual contributor to leader.

For more than 40 years, Performex® has had one focus – transforming technical professionals and managers into real leaders.

40 years of methodology

Since its inception, Performex® has maintained a focus on the unique challenges that Engineers, IT, Finance, Legal, Medical, R&D, and Sales professionals face when it comes to giving up their specialties to become leaders. We understand the challenges faced by technical professionals, and we follow a process-oriented approach that they easily relate to. By turning even the most difficult behavior change into a process we achieve unparalleled results.

Real World Business Experience

Real-World Business Experience

As experts in their fields, technical specialists and professionals trust other experts that have “been there and done that.” Our coaches and facilitators all served in executive roles in the past and have proven track records for getting results and developing others while under the pressure of day-to-day operations. With program content linked to real-world situations, 94% of our program participants have rated the experience as “very relevant” to their needs.

High Impact Executive Coaching with Individual Attention

Great coaching works, and it is indispensable for development. However, finding qualified, effective, and affordable coaches is often difficult, especially when the number of those needing coaching is in the hundreds. The Performex® selection/certification process ensures top-notch coaches, and our coaching process is coupled with immersion workshops for maximum impact.

Proprietary Behavioral Assessments

Self awareness is crucial to one’s development as a leader. We have developed proprietary 360 multi-rater surveys and behavioral assessments in order to identify each participant’s unique strengths and challenge areas. Our proven methods facilitate the shift from denial and lack of awareness to ownership and enthusiasm to change.

Data-driven Immersion Workshops

Our methodologies incite rapid gains of perception, inquiry, learning, and growth that technical professionals internalize and carry with them throughout their careers. During our immersion workshops, participants undergo multiple simulations, then leave our programs with confidence. Having practiced their new or refined skills under stress during the workshop, they achieve quick results back on the job.

Customized Development Programs

While most leadership programs utilize a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we understand that each organization faces unique challenges. Our custom programs are tailored specifically to your employee needs. By coupling cutting edge leadership and managerial experience with the latest executive learning technology, our battle-tested approach consistently delivers best-in-class results.

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