When people grow, businesses thrive.

The Performex Promise: Rapid, tangible results.
With over 40 years of experience collaborating with the most successful companies in the world, our deep perspective allows us to quickly diagnose and offer sure pathways to organizational excellence.

A Development Approach That Focuses on Results
Our unique development approach combines behavioral assessments, immersion workshops, embedded coaching, and best-in-class content. Our proprietary content is grounded in neuroscience and has been perfected over our 40-plus-year history. It has proven its excellence time and time again by helping even the most challenging managers refine their skills. We recognize complex skill development and behavioral improvements don’t just happen. It takes intense experiences, an individualized approach, and frequent and meaningful touchpoints to make real and lasting change happen.

By achieving rapid self-awareness, ownership, and creating a strong drive for improvement, we see faster and more sustainable results than typical classroom training or executive coaching. By adding embedded coaching, we extend the learning process, introduce more specialized content, and ensure full implementation of development plans.

Transformational development does not require a huge time investment, but it does take a cadence that keeps participants engaged and dedicated to the process. Each interaction we initiate is both efficient and designed to sustain the momentum for improvement.

Real-World Experience
Our facilitators, consultants, and coaches are former executives who excelled in the business world — and they have the bumps and bruises to prove it. They are a diverse team with different corporate backgrounds, and they are unified by one passion: a strong desire to give back to the next generation of business leaders. Every Performex consultant has unique insights from leading at the highest levels and excellent storytelling skills to share these experiences. Our team creates safe and engaging learning environments that make change enjoyable.

24/7 Unlimited On-Demand Consulting
Challenges do not follow a convenient schedule or conform to a set number of interactions. That is why we are here for our participants when they need it most — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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