Our success rate for transforming professionals into superior leaders is 3X the rate of our competition, and that of organizations with their own in-house developmental programs.

When compared to other preeminent development programs we consistently rate “best-in-class” by our client companies and participants1.

Participants consistently rate the Summit Excellence ProgramTM as the best leadership development program they have experienced. In fact, based on an independent analysis of data collected and analyzed from 275 participants from 2011 through 2015, we had the following results:

Summit Participant Feedback

Our Clients

We partner with leading innovation-driven organizations across the country to transform managers into real leaders.

For deeply challenged managers attending the Summit Excellence ProgramTM, we have greater than a 62% success rate at helping them keep their jobs, bring their performance to a significantly improved level, and sustaining that improvement for at least 3 years after the program’s conclusion.

We interact with participants a minimum of 14 times during the 12 month Summit Excellence ProgramTM and 7 times during the 6 month Zenith Excellence ProgramTM. No one, in the industry we are aware of, has as large a number of important touch points in their programs.

Based upon customer feedback, the ROI of our programs is less than 14.5 months when measured by improved business results.
Our participants consistently achieve statistically significant improvements in “Engagement Scores” and Emotional Intelligence Appraisals.

1 Center for Creative Leadership, DDI, AchieveGlobal, FranklinCovey, and Lee Hecht Harrison

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