Employees at all levels need to affect the opinions, behaviors and decisions of their peers, managers, and senior leaders. Participants in the 8-hour Influencing for Impact workshop gain influencing skills for engaging key stakeholders to support ideas, initiatives, and change.

  • Do some of your most innovative team members struggle gaining support for important ideas and initiatives?
  • Do key members on your team lack the networking, relationship-building, and persuasion skills needed to maximize their impact on business results?
  • Do your project managers have the influencing skills necessary to lead and fully engage team members that do not directly report to them?
  • Are you satisfied with the speed and success of your change initiatives?

Our Influencing for Impact equips leaders and employees at all levels with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to sell innovative ideas and programs.

Influencing for Impact is offered periodically as an open enrollment program in Atlanta or can be conducted as an in-house program at your office or facility.

Contact us to discuss increasing your manager's influencing skills.


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