Targeting business management professionals

1. Virtual Management: Leading a Remote Team and Diverse Team to Success
2. Coaching and Mentoring Others to Maximum Potential
3. Master Coaching and In-House Certification Program
4. Human Resources – Becoming Essential Business Partners
5. Career Pathing – Building Excellence on Your Team – Charting Your Employees’ Future Performance and Development Success
6. Personal Branding: How Skill Acquisition and Performance Can Define Your Success
7. Sales Leadership, Owning Your Segment
8. Market Leadership, Defining Your Brand
9. Change Leadership: Making It Happen Now, Not Later
10. Organizational Alignment: Getting Your Divisions or Functions Working Together Harmoniously
11. Generational Leadership: Influencing the Current to the Greatest Generation
12. Managerial Courage: Ensure Your Team Has It
13. Moving the Middle: How to Engage Your Average Performers to PEAK Performance
14. Meeting Management: How to Improve Productivity and Morale at Minimal Cost
15. Personal Success: Realize Your Goals in Your Professional and Personal Life
16. Building a “World Class Team”: A Practical and Proven Guide to Leverage the Latest Advances in the Neuroscience of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
17. Handling Difficult Discussions: How Process and Practice Make this Essential Task Successful and Less Stressful
18. Building “Leadership Excellence” – A Practical and Proven Guide for leveraging Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to deliver outstanding results and build world-class teams

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