What is Organizational Excellence?

The continuous pursuit of improved performance, innovation and efficiency by aligning processes and resources to strategic goals to simultaneously improve employee engagement and deliver value.

Benefits of Organizational Excellence

Improved team morale, increased customer happiness, greater innovation and adaptability to change enhanced operational efficiency that deliver competitive advantages and overall business growth and success.

Type of Organizational Excellence Frameworks

There are multiple approaches to achieving organizational excellence but the most popular and widely adopted are:

  • Baldrige Excellence Framework – developed by the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and is widely used in the healthcare and manufacturing industries.
  • EFQM Excellence Model – Developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management and is widely used in European countries
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System – a globally recognized, International standard that emphasizes customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

As frameworks evolve as the world of work does it is best to speak to an expert in organizational excellence to choose and customise a framework based on your organizations specific needs, industry and required standards.

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