When it comes to leadership training and development, frontline managers are often ignored by the organization. An impactful frontline leadership program can bring about noticeable improvements in your business results. The best organizations get their results by focusing on the critical skills for successful project management, productivity, and quality increases.

Frontline leaders should be able to communicate effectively in all directions – with team members, departmental heads, senior managers, and clients. Communicating goals, instructions, and expectations to any team is more comfortable if leaders have proper training. Good communication training, of course, covers more than being skilled verbally. Active listening, handling difficult conversations, and cultivating an inspirational style should also be included in your curriculum, just as they are in the Performex Frontline Leadership Development Programs.

Like any manager, frontline, first-line, or team leaders need to be aware of their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and conduct under stress. The Performex Sherpa Frontline Leadership Excellence Program provides several behavioral assessments to create self-awareness. In-house versions offer the option of customized 90, 180 and 360-degree multi-rater assessments. What’s more, the toolkit provided during the program directly corresponds to, and “solves,” the issues raised in the multi-rater questions.

A frontline leader must influence others. Breakthrough quality, productivity and engagement becomes more natural if the leader knows how to affect the decisions, opinions, and actions of others. The influencing content in the Sherpa program has been tested and validated in the real world- it works.

Finally, a frontline manager needs to create an environment of teamwork and collaboration among his or her peers and team members. Knowing the key ingredient for fostering teamwork and becoming skilled at applying that knowledge creates synergies, morale, and the momentum vital to solving difficult problems.

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