A recent survey by a business management firm, Gap International, reveals that more than 82 percent of the executives surveyed believed that maximizing talent and empowering employees to succeed is crucial to their success. However, only 37 percent of the executives accepted the idea that their employees could become top performers. Perhaps, because of this lack of confidence, less than 50 percent said that leadership development would be part of their strategy in 2019.

Can a leadership development program make a difference in managerial and leadership ability or, even more importantly, in bottom-line business results? The answer is an unequivocal yes. However, only if the program is built around processes that create the motivation to change while incorporating the techniques that foster complex skill adoption and generate positive on-the-job behavior changes.Let’s examine the Summit Leadership Excellence Program which is a gold standard for leadership development when measured by ROI, observed behavioral shifts, OGSM/MBO performance, and manager/participant’s feedback. What are the essential elements that create this success?

Self-awareness – More than seven behavioral assessments are conducted over the course of the 1-year program. They range from quick self-administered evaluations to a highly accurate and proprietary 360 multi-rater. Each of the evaluations help participants become conscious of their feelings, strengths and challenges, and ability to influence their on-the-job behaviors. Being self-aware enables participants to develop skills such as empathy, interpersonal communications, self-control, and teamwork.

High impact/immersion leadership development workshops – A well-designed workshop creates awareness, quickly facilities acceptance of the need to change, and fosters commitment. In addition to building momentum for improvement, a superior leadership development workshop gives participants easy to use but highly effective tools to address their particular development challenges. To cap off the workshop, participants should leave the session with two written leadership development plans tailored to meet their challenges.leadership development for managersCoaching – After the workshop, coaching aimed at implementing the individual leadership development plans multiplies the impact of the outcome of the classroom setting. Assigned coaches help participants overcome problems to confirm they become highly skilled and that the improved behaviors become routine

Multiple touch points spaced for maximum impact – Articles, exercises, and assessments assigned by coaches after the leadership development workshop should be spaced over an extended period of time to keep the participants engaged and focused. The additional content further enhances understanding and promotes positive change.

Development strategies for specific competencies – The most effective leadership development programs have a specific method that promotes changes for each primary competency. For instance, the Summit program not only equips participants with a successful approach to delegation, but also utilizes coaches that are trained to ensure more effective delegation happens on-the-job.

In short, a leadership development program is crucial to the long-term success of your organization. However, you need to invest in the right methodologies to build a high performing team and prepare the next generation of leaders.

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