Building Lasting Client Relationships

As innovation-driven organizations seek to control costs and enhance client service by outsourcing their IT functions, the opportunities for IT vendors continue to grow. However, facing increasing competition and access to technical expertise across the globe, the ability to deliver excellent results, build strong, lasting client relationships and effectively sell solutions are critical factors in IT vendor excellence.

Do your IT managers and client-facing technicians know how to build strong relationships, deliver excellent results, and serve as invaluable partners to your clients?

At Performex, we support IT outsourcing partnerships by offering programs that strengthen key skill sets of both the business team and the vendor partners in order to cultivate lasting partnerships, mutually beneficial to both parties. An impactful two-day program, the IT Vendor Excellence Program leverages innovative content delivery, interactive exercises, and self-assessments to drive behavior change aligned with excellence. Through the program, participants will identify opportunities for improvement and develop plans for excellence in the following key areas:

Building Relationships

The ability to build relationships is key to securing business and to transforming projects into long-term partnerships. Program participants will learn and practice relationship-building techniques that allow them to win clients, secure long-term commitment to partnerships, and grow relationships with strategic selling skills.

By building strong relationships and knowing your clients – both on the personal and business-objective levels – your team members will become invaluable partners to your client organizations.

Strategic Selling & Influencing Skills

In speaking with our business team clients, a common complaint we receive regarding their IT vendors involves constant upselling. IT vendors often gain a reputation as opportunistic “upsellers” versus true partners seeking to deliver excellence to their clients. Do your team members possess the advanced sales skill set needed to expand your partnerships by offering additional value-added solutions? Or do they frustrate your clients when their solutions always seem to require additional investments?

IT professionals are experts at problem solving, and their ability to think critically is key to their success. However, with education and training typically focusing almost exclusively on technical skills and knowledge, many technical professionals have not received the opportunity or training to develop skills for influencing others and building lasting relationships. Our IT Vendor Excellence Program includes a process-oriented approach to influencing skills, designed specifically for participants with a technical mindset and background.


Geographically dispersed and culturally diverse teams are extremely common challenges within IT vendor partnerships. Delivering excellent results and meeting your clients’ needs is dependent largely on clear communication and definition of roles and expectations. How much is “lost in translation” between your employees and your clients?

In the IT Vendor Excellence Program, we discuss the impact that high and low context cultural communication styles have on partnerships and provide participants with tools and techniques for ensuring mutual understanding and paving the way for excellence.

Through the IT Vendor Excellence Program, IT vendors will:

  • Develop advanced communication skills that enable clarity and mutual agreement despite geographic and cultural differences
  • Receive a toolkit of on-the-job techniques and strategies to build lasting client relationships
  • Learn and practice the art of influencing in order to strategically sell mutually beneficial solutions
  • Become invaluable partners to their client organizations

Are you interested in building lasting client partnerships through the Performex IT Vendor Excellence Program? Please contact us to learn more.

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